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NAPM Supports Piyush Manush Green Activist

NAPM Supports Piyush Manush Green Activist

Piyush Manush an environmental activist at Salem had been arrested two days before for protesting authorities starting construction of flyover without informing public. National Alliance of People’s Movements (NAPM) and other activists condemns his arrest. He had been fighter of several state level and national level issues including Bhopal Gas Survivors, adhivasis rights, started Salem citizen's Forum and others.

He worked hardly to purify the contaminated water resources in various areas in his city Salem. He had recovered many water resources including lakes, forest and ponds the city. He had largely changed the face of Salem slowly for many years.

He was arrested with two other activists on 8 July for protesting for building the Mulvadi Bridge in Salem. The sources close to him says he has no problem in building bridge but people had not received any prior announcement of land acquisition notice.

The sources also added he is beaten by the police and tortured in the prison. NAPM highly condemns these acts of police and his plea for bail has been rejected on July 14. They wrote letter to Chief Minister demanding his immediate release and action against police officer who behaved improperly and not following the rules.

His wife Monica Sethia said he was beaten up in prison by more than 30 persons. Protest for his release is becoming stronger. Meanwhile police officers denied this charge of beating Piyush in jail.

NAPM also stated they stand in solidarity with Salem Citizen Forum and Piyush who is struggling for rights of people and against environment destruction. He is also supported by People’s Union of Civil Liberties.

His had worked hard during Chennai floods for rescuing and rehabilitant people affected from floods. He was awarded by CNN for “Indian of the Year” along with RJ Balaji.

NAPM Supports Piyush Manush Green Activist

NAPM Supports Piyush Manush Green Activist

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