Neduvasal Protest Continuous On 21st Day

       Published : May 02, 2017 17:29 IST    

Neduvasal Protest Continuous On 21st Day

For past 20 days, people of Neduvasal and surrounding regions are involved in protest to stop the hydrocarbon project in the place. Central government had ordered to process the methane project at 31 places in the country. Following this order the people who halted the protest for some time again revived it. They are continuously involved in the protest strongly.

They are doing different types of protest each day to grab the government attraction as the farmers did in Delhi. They have done agitations in several ways including tying their eyes, rolling on the ground, kneeling down, hanging them upside down on the trees and climbing on trees.

Yesterday on 20th day even children climbed up the trees and raised their voice to stop the hydrocarbon project. Today the people got into the lake and showed their protest. They demanded central government to stop the project completely. Children are fasting at Neduvasal and no one to care about them.

Several organizations, social activists, environmentalist, volunteers, celebrities and political parties are supporting these people. Two days back director Pandiraj met the villagers protesting there and extended his support. The youngsters and students should join their hands together to stop the project like how they got back jallikattu.

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Neduvasal Protest Continuous On 21st Day

Neduvasal Protest Continuous On 21st Day

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