Neduvasal Protest Continuous 14th Day To Stop Hydrocarbon Project

       Published : Mar 01, 2017 15:20 IST    

Neduvasal Protest Continuous 14th Day To Stop Hydrocarbon Project

Neduvasal people, social and environmental activists, students continue their agitation strongly against hydrocarbon extracting project. As 14th day the villagers are strong in their protest even after CM Palanisamy assured the project will not be continued if it harms the people.

The people met CM today and discussed about the project. During the meeting CM said the state health and environment ministry did not permit the project. It is still in the experimentation stage and the government will not allow any project that harms farmers.

But people in Neduvasal said until central government says no to the project and stops it the protest will be continued. This project is permitted by central government and they must stop it. They should close the deep bore well holes they dug for testing. We will not believe in just words of the state government they say.

The protest in Neduvasal is gaining supports from various parts of the state. Celebrities from various fields extended their support to Neduvasal. Political leaders and film celebrities are also expressed their supports. Some film personalities like Pandiraj participated in the protest.

The centre had given contract to private firms and pointed out the fields to be put into production in 3 years. They would seek to extract both oil and natural gas from hydrocarbon project.

Neduvasal, an agricultural land is one of the 31 contract areas signed by centre to extract hydrocarbons. No explanation is given to the villagers about the project till now. People staged protest across the various places in Pudukottai district. Several students in Chennai and Madurai were arrested when they staged protest against this project.

Police Arrested Chennai College Students Involved In Protest Supporting Neduvasal

Neduvasal Protest Continuous 14th Day To Stop Hydrocarbon Project

Neduvasal Protest Continuous 14th Day To Stop Hydrocarbon Project

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