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Netaji 64 files Made Public Today in West Bengal

Our prestigious freedom fighter Subash Chandra Bose files has been kept secret so far by the Indian government. Many questions were raised about the death of Netaji by various categories of people.† Netaji's secret files are made public by the West Bengal government today in the Kolkata Museum.

These 64 files revealed the death of Subash Chandra Bose is not in the plane crash on 1945. He had lived beyond 1945. People were not satisfied by this report. They wanted full report and all the remaining files to be made public. Netaji mysterious life after 1945 is demanded by everyone and from various organizations.

Netaji grand Nephew Chandra Bose told he is not sure that existing files in the government could not reveal everything happened to Netaji after 1945.† These file may have been destroyed by the past government. He also pointed out Mukherjee Commission stated 4 files have already destroyed in Indira Gandhi period.

Family members of Netaji on Sunday requested Prime Minister to ask for the various countries to declassify the files about his disappearance. They also asked our government to declassify remaining files that are not made public.

Netaji had conduct with the people of various nationals including USA, Russia, Japan, UK, China, Malaysia and Singapore. These countries have the files about the disappearance of Netaji, these files have to be declassified so that every secret will be revealed.

All the files in India should be declassified, so that we can ask for other countries to declassify their files said by Netaji family members.

Regarding, over 50 members of Netaji's family will meet PM on October. PM in the Mann Ki Batt radio program on Sunday said he will meet over 50 family members of Netaji next month.

Netajiís family members from various countries are coming on October to visit PM in his residence.

Netaji 64 files Made Public Today in West Bengal

Netaji 64 files Made Public Today in West Bengal

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