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New Spy Planes to Check Chinese Presence in Indian Ocean

New Spy Planes to Check Chinese Presence in Indian Ocean

India had ordered for four maritime spy planes from Boeing for about $1 Billion. India plans to strengthen his Navy to check Chinese presence at Indian Ocean. It takes three years to bring these new spy planes into service says the source.

The Indian navy had deployed some of its P8-I aircraft in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It was also deployed in Indian Ocean for military and commercial shipping.

Meantime, Chinese troops intruded into Uttarakhand last week and faced Indian soldiers. It lasted for about 40 minutes and both troops got back. It took place in grazing lands of about 80 sq kms at Barahoti at Chamoli district. Both India and China officials confirmed it. A Chinese helicopter was also seen in the area which stayed for about 5 minutes.

China map that was released on 2014 had the Arunachal Pradesh in its territory. It is taken control over Ladakh area in northern Kashmir and also at western state maximum area in Arunachal says the report.

Uttarakhand Chief Minister Harish Rawat said he had taken the issues to the center and claimed its interruption. He added earlier it was an inactive territory but now presence of Chinese troops increased there and should taken into cognizance. He said border security should be increased and hopes the center will take necessary measures.

Uttarakhand share 350 km boundary with China. Minister of state for Home Affairs said they will seek the report and analyze how deep the Chinese troop came inside. Earlier in past Chinese troops came inside Indian Territory and written word 'China' on the rocks in Chamoli district.

New Spy Planes to Check Chinese Presence in Indian Ocean

New Spy Planes to Check Chinese Presence in Indian Ocean

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