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No evidence for Netaji died in Plane crash

No evidence for Netaji died in Plane crash

According to CNN-IBN, British and American Intelligence agencies Netaji Subash Chandra Bose did not died in plane crash. There is no proof about his death in Taipei plane crash in 1945.

Sixty-four secret files of Netaji were submitted for the public domain first time on 18.09.2015. Government made the historic event of submitting the secret files Netaji to the public. It has no evidence that our brave freedom fighter died in the plane in 1940 at Taiwan.

A letter to Netaji's brother Amiya Bose from union ministry on 1949 says there is no information about the Netaji died in plane crash and could still be alive and Indian intelligence agencies knew this.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee told last week about 64 confidential files to be made public that carries the information on the former British rule and our foremost freedom fighter Netaji.

Mamata Banerjee tweeted 'Today is a historic day. Our government has made all Netaji files public. People have a right to know about the brave son of India'.

The first DVD copy was given to the former parliament member and the relative of Netaji, Krishna Bose. These 64 files will be allowed for public view from Monday in Kolkata Museum. West Bengal government states the process of digitization of all files dated from 1937 to 1947 will be undertaken.

The latest news of Netaji tells that Netaji would have been lived beyond 1945. Subash Chandra Bose who fought against the British rule and formed the Indian National Army (INA) was disappeared suddenly in 1945. Indian government on that day announced Netaji died in the plane crash. Later found it is not true and still mystery prevailing about his death.

Now the truth revealed, he did not die in the plane crash and was lived beyond 1945. But where did he spend his remaining years What was he doing When he died  These are unanswered questions for the people of India and Indians throughout the world.

No evidence for Netaji died in Plane crash

No evidence for Netaji died in Plane crash