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Northeast monsoon one week delay in India this year

This year 2015 North East monsoon is getting delayed in India. The forecast observes India gets North East Monsoon at this month end.

According to Skymet Meteorology Division in India, Northeast Monsoon rain in many parts of the country including Tamilnadu and other Peninsular regions will be running after the delay. Usually in Tamilnadu, seasonal rainfall starts between October 17 and October 21, but this time it is getting delayed for one week it may start from Oct 27 says the forecasting report.

Normally the Northeast monsoon starts from the middle of October and extends up to December. The cyclonic low pressure formed in the upper surface of the Bay of Bengal last week changed as the strong cyclone and moved to the Philippines regions. The same low pressure area is likely to develop now and it tends to move towards India and we get the seasonal rainfall next week. Hope Oct 27 or Oct28 the Northeast monsoon begins says the Skymet and also Chennai Meteorology division.

The study says Northeast monsoon will be normal in India this year. The deviation about a week will not spoil the rainfall and it will be normal says the experts.

Last two weeks Chennai have registered 27.2mm and 52.8 mm excess rainfall and next 48 hours will be cloudy sky followed by the rainfall as observed by the experts. Skymet private weather forecast division says Tamilnadu receives 45 percent of the annual rainfall from Northeast monsoon and it will likely to receive normal rain in 2015.

In 2012 and 2014 the Northeast monsoon started at proper time but we got only less rainfall in these years. From 2004 10 2011 we received excess rainfall form the monsoon. In 2005 we got very excess northeast monsoon rainfall.

Northeast monsoon one week delay in India this year

Northeast monsoon one week delay in India this year

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