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Oil Factory Blazes Out In Kolar District

Oil Factory Blazes Out In Kolar District

It is officially reported that Banashankari Chemicals factory in Malur of Kolar district is burning down in huge fire from Thursday Morning. More than 10 fire rescue vehicles are currently involved in dousing the fire. 

According to a trusted report, no casualties have been reported yet as all the workers and staffs have fleed from the factory within minutes after the fire broke out. The report also suggested citing the staffs of the factory that they have heard blasts in the factory and that maybe some of the oil barrels kept inside the premises 

The fire blazing out with thick columns of smoke after the fire pulled in to the nearer factories.

According to the police officials, the real cause of the fire is not yet decrypted and the police department is waiting for the forensic department to investigate the fire after the fire rescue team doused the fire. The police also guessing that the reason for the fire is maybe the power circuit spark and the fire may be extended to the main part of the factory through pipes that used for transporting oil.

Oil Factory Blazes Out In Kolar District