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OLA and UBER cab drivers threatening a strike from Sunday

OLA and UBER cab drivers threatening a strike from Sunday

Sanjay Naik from Maharashtra’s Navnirman Vahatuk Sena who is organizing the of Ola and UBER drivers’ strike from Mumbai told the press that the cab drivers who are afflicted with Ola and UBER companies have planned to go on strike from Midnight of March 18, 2018.

He said in detail that the Ola and UBER companies are giving first priority to the company owned cars than the driver-owned vehicles. The company is creating an unequal valued environment among the cab drivers and their priority to the company owned vehicles causing deep fall in the drivers business.

He continued that initially, the companies have assured the private drivers that they could make around Rs.1.5 lakh per month but due to the failed management of these companies the drivers could not make even half of the above-prescribed revenue. The drivers have invested nearly Rs.5-7 lakh following the trust is given by the companies previously. But now due to their unpaid debts. their vehicles have been ceased by the companies those who given a loan to the drivers.

In addition to that, the taxi companies have offered loan to the drivers through the Mudra scheme. That too has not been covered yet and seems like an extra burden for the drivers, said the strike organizer.

The drivers requesting the transport department to intervene the crisis and that should take appropriate action against those taxi companies. The organizer said if those taxi companies failed to meet the demands of their drivers that the drivers will step into an indefinite strike from midnight of March 18.

OLA and UBER cab drivers threatening a strike from Sunday