Panthankot attack: PM emphasized Pak to take action

       Published : Jan 05, 2016 18:32 IST    

Panthankot attack: PM emphasized Pak to take action

On Jan 2nd early morning, some terrorist opened fire on Panthankot Air Force station. There was a severe gun battle between security forces and terrorists.  Four terrorists have been killed around 9 am on that day. It is suspected that terrorist belong to Jaish-e-Mohammed group outfit from Pakistan.

Air Force lost six personnel and NSG lost Lt Niranjan as per 3rd Jan report. Sister of Lt Niranjan says 'At one hand I have lost him but on the other hand he has made us feel proud. I look at his as Mahabarath Arjuna who fought for his native land.' People at Varanasi paid tribute to the soldiers lost their lives in the attack.

On Jan 4th, Mohali police had arrested three terrorist and got some evidence from the terrorist. They ceased Pakistan mobile SIM card in Mohali, Punjab. Some terrorist shot died by the army personnel. The terrorist had the phone call from Pakistan before they die.

Two terrorist who continued their attack hiding in the air force base was finally killed after the long fight.

India found the evidence from the terrorist. The evidence shows this attack was done with the full knowledge of Pakistan Army Chief General. The specific evidence regarding the Pakistan involvement in the attack was shared to the Pakistan government. Prime Minister Narendra Modi strongly emphasized Pakistan government to take necessary and immediate action against the persons who is cause for the Panthankot attack.

After the Panthankot math Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif called PM Modi and promised to take action. Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar confirms the sixth terrorist had been neutralized. We have to see whether Pakistan will go head and take action against the persons responsible for the attack. Is peace is possible in between the countries is the big question. Recently Narendra Modi met Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif on his birthday and joined hands.

Panthankot attack: PM emphasized Pak to take action

Panthankot attack: PM emphasized Pak to take action

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