Petrol And Diesel Price Hike

       Published : Dec 17, 2016 10:33 IST    

Petrol And Diesel Price Hike

Petrol price is hiked by Rs. 2.21 and diesel price by Rs. 1.79 per litre today.

Petrol prices in metro cities (Non-branded)

Delhi – Rs. 68.94 per litre

Kolkata – Rs. 71.50

Mumbai – Rs. 75.27

Chennai – Rs. 68.41

Diesel prices in metro cities (Non-branded)

Delhi – Rs. 56.68 per litre

Kolkata – Rs. 58.92

Mumbai – Rs. 62.40

Chennai – Rs. 58.28

Petroleum Ministry stated “The international crude oil price of Indian Basket as computed/published today was US$ 52.04/ Rs. 3528.00 per barrel (bbl) on 15.12.2016.”

Sitaram Yechury (Comrade, Communist Party of India (Marxist)) shared “Fuel prices revised on the 1st and 15th. BJP govt delayed price hike announcement to avoid Parliament. So much for democratic accountability”

Petrol And Diesel Price Hike

Petrol And Diesel Price Hike

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