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Plastic Rice Fear In Tamil Nadu

Plastic Rice Fear In Tamil Nadu

Plastic Rice Fear In Tamil Nadu

The reports cause fear about the plastic rice everywhere in India. Though the Tamil Nadu government says there is no plastic rice sold, fear rises for buying rice. The officers are checking the rice at shops everywhere. Food Safety department officials are going ride across the state.

They have intimated people to inform them if there found any plastic rice. The plastic rice was found in the market everywhere in the states like Andhra, Telugana, Karnataka and Uttarakhand. Following it officers are sending samples collected from the shops for testing.

Meantime Metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTC) workers at Ayanavaram depot claims the poor quality of food was provided. They fear that may be plastic rice as they found hard to eat and rubbery.

The video of the balls made by plastic rice are bouncing and goes viral on the social media pages. Likewise, plastic eggs and plastic sugar are feared to be marketed across the country. People should be aware before buying their products.

It is said plastic rice are made in China and exported to other countries.

There are several methods to test the rice is plastic or real. We can test it in simple water test, oil test and boiling test.

  • Drop rice in water, stir it and leave for some times. If it floats it is plastic, real rice will not float on the water.
  • If rice gets melt and stick with hot oil then it is plastic.
  • If thick layer forms on top layer while rice is boiled in water, then it is alarming.

Plastic Rice Fear In Tamil Nadu


Plastic Rice Fear In Tamil Nadu