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Prime Minister Modi Maiden Visit to Iran

Prime Minister Modi Maiden Visit to Iran

Prime Minister Modi Maiden Visit to Iran

Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Iran yesterday. He was given ceremonial welcome by the country. He met Iran President Rouhani and discussed about India-Iran ties. Twelve agreements were signed between India and Iran during the meet. They also shared about views on emerging regional situation & other global issues of common concern.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Afghan President, Ashraf Ghani had Trilateral meeting at Talar building .

Narendra Modi said 'today we met to write a new chapter in our nation’s relations'.

Historic trilateral transport and transit corridor agreement was signed. It tends to the development of Chabahar port which is situated 100 km from Pakistan Gwadar port.

India agreed to spend $500 million for the Chabahar port. This helps India to directly transport goods to Afghanistan and Central Asia bypassing Pakistan. India may no longer dependent on Pakistan to give permission for trucks via Wagah border.

Chabahar port is very important for India to transport goods. Already India had spent $100 million to construct 220-kilometre road in Afghanistan regarding the port.

Prime Minister says 'Economic fruits of Chahbahar Agreement will expand trade, attract investment, build infrastructure, develop industry & create jobs. To carve out new routes of peace and prosperity is our common goal. We want to link with the world. Today we are witnessing creation of history. The agenda for economic engagement is a clear priority for us. We stand together in unity of our purpose'.

Narendra Modi also released the rare Persian Manuscript Kalileh-wa-Dimneh that illustrates close India-Iran historical links.

He also gifted Iranian President Hassan Rouhani with specially commissioned reproductions of Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib's collection of poetry in Persian. It is a rare collection of seventh-century manuscript of Holy Quran.

Modi on his speech shared some important information about the impact of Persian in India. He also shared India has 5 million Persian Manuscripts in various collections and also has 20 million documents in Persian in various archives.

Prime Minister Modi Maiden Visit to Iran

Prime Minister Modi Maiden Visit to Iran