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Protest against TASMAC Continues in Tamilnadu

Protest against TASMAC Continues in Tamilnadu

On Tuesday of August 4th protest against TASMAC turns to Bandh in whole Tamilnadu which did not affect the normal life of the people. Buses were running in many places as normal. Through out Tamilnadu schools, colleges and shops were opened with out any problems. Some places in Salem and Kanyakumari district shops remain closed.

The political parities called for the students and public to show their protest against the liquor shop after the death of Gandhiyan activist Sasiperumal during the bandh on 4th August. Tension was prevailed in some places in Tamilnadu and in the liquor shops. Some TASMAC was closed and some were opened with the police protection.

Nearly 20 buses in the Kanyakumari district were damaged by the protesters. They underwent the protest in front of TASMAC in many places across the state. Some protester threw stones on the TASMAC. Many protesters were arrested in Trichy. At Madurai protest went calm in front of the liquor shop. On the whole the protest against the TASMAC took place calmly across Tamilnadu without disturbing the public and students.

Protest took a 'U' turn. The protest against the TASMAC begins after the death of activist SasiPerumal by their family members and then it is handled by the students of Pachiappan College, Madras Law College and some other colleges. But took a U turn when all other political parties involved and showed their protest for the sake of election and vote. It has become the political movement instead of social.

The AIADMK government set the meeting on Monday including Chief Minister and all other minister regarding this issue. Government still remains calm. Ministers of the ruling parties say it is the action of the opposite parities who encourages the protectors for the sake of election in the year 2016.

Protest against TASMAC Continues in Tamilnadu