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Public Questions Simbu about his Beep Song

Public Questions Simbu about his Beep Song

Note: This article is not about the person who leaked the audio; it's about how come being a Tamil person can write a lyric with awkward words about girls. Even if the audio was not released officially 'is this the way you personally feel about girls' TR sir is good example of respecting girls and he never abuse women, but it has become shame on the lyric writer and singer of this song who has lots of female fans.

Even though it's his personal bathroom songs, as a YOUTH popular movie celebrity he should never done such irresponsible songs against women. As a celebrity and popular hero his responsibility is more than a common man. He should have been a responsible guy to carry or direct his fans and audience in a right path. He should never been acted like this that makes his fans to drive on bad ways.

Earlier in TV interviews he had specified 'I give more respect to Women'. Is it a false statement or he had acted before the camera

His father stated 'someone has included such words in his songs' and Simbu agreed as its his song and it is his bathroom song, not sure what TR saying about it.

Few other lyricists asking is his bathroom equipped with latest Waterproof sound system Hope his other version of 100 songs won't release anymore.

The public raises sharp questions to Simbu during the protest. He should definitely answer to these questions below.

* Most youngster today has love failures but they never made such songs. Is they releasing it like you

* Do you think as popular celebrity, whatever you say in songs, your fans or others will enjoy

* You may be engaged in too much of English movies sentence with lots of bad words but It's Tamil Nadu and it is not in our culture. Is this our culture

* Why still you're not interested in apologies for what you did to Tamil Girls Still thinking a new way to jump out

* Hope you knew many fans already left following you, which are viral spreading over college group whatsapp.

The case was filed against Simbu and Anirudh and the police had asked him to appear on this Saturday at Coimbatore Race Course Police Office for inquiry.

This is not the right way to make him popular to the media or to make money by the vulgar words against women. Many movies today have at least one drunken song blaming women or narrating her. Any songs against women should be strictly restricted in any of the movies in future.

Public Questions Simbu about his Beep Song

Public Questions Simbu about his Beep Song