Pudukottai College Students Protest Hydrocarbon Project

       Published : Feb 21, 2017 13:02 IST    

Pudukottai College Students Protest Hydrocarbon Project

Central Government had permitted to extract natural gases like methane and hydrocarbon in several places in and around Neduvasal, Pudukottai district. The villagers and students in the region raised their voice against this project that will make the surroundings dry and polluted. Farming is the main occupation in the region and land around the area are greeneries.

The project sucks lots and lots of underground water and releases poisonous gases. Experts say no one can live in the surroundings if this project is implemented.

The social environmentalists say the government had brought again the methane extraction project in the form of other name. The farmers and villagers say it cannot be allowed in our land. They are involved in very serious protest. Students of Mannar College in Pudukottai started their protest against this project.

This project was allocated to Karnataka based Gem Company with the agreement of 15 years. Karnataka is rejecting to provide Cauvery water to Tamil Nadu but the central had given permission for them to take the natural gas and to make Tamil Nadu still worst without underground water. This is not wise for the Central Government to do so say the people.

The village people had sent back the authorities and officers who came to the village with ONGC to test the field. As per the sources 5 people who gone to police station to seek permission for hunger protest had been arrested by police saying they have older cases. College students boycotted the classes; urge government to withdraw this project and police to leave the people arrested by them.

Hydrocarbon Extraction Project In Neduvasal: Tension Prevails

Pudukottai College Students Protest Hydrocarbon Project

Pudukottai College Students Protest Hydrocarbon Project

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