Railway Budget 2016 New Rules and Plans

       Published : Feb 25, 2016 16:44 IST    

Railway Budget 2016 New Rules and Plans

Railway Budget 2016 formed the new rule for the unreserved train tickets for traveling up to 199 km distance is valid for only 3 hours. The tickets are no longer valid after 3 hours after the issue of tickets. This rule will be formulated from March 1.

The unreserved train tickets for traveling up to 199 km should start from the origination station within 3 hours, Manoj Sinha, Minister of State for Railways stated.

Also the return journey ticket facility has been cancelled for the distance up to 199 km for unreserved tickets.

Union Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu presents his budget for 2016-2017. Below are some of the statement of railway budget presented by union minister.

- The capital plan will be Rs. 1,21,000 crore. Hope to generate revenue of Rs. 1,84,820 crore next year.

- New freight corridors announced are Delhi-Chennai, Kharagpur-Mumbai, Kharagpur-Vijayawada. Finalized bids for setting up 2 locomotive factories.

- It will be set up with an order book of Rs. 40,000 crore.

-Railway department started to do recruitment process online for Railways to bring 100% transparency

-Starts 2800 km new track this year, North-East India, especially Mizoram and Manipur, to be connected through broad gauge soon

-received in-principle approval from 17 States to form joint ventures

-1,600 km of electrification this year and 2,000 km proposed for the next year, increase in seat quota, 50% increased for senior citizens

-planning to introduced Bar-code tickets.

-India's first rail auto hub is to set up in Chennai, no hike in railway fares

-children's menu will be available for traveling mothers, ticket cancellation facilities available through 139 help line

-Wi-Fi connection in railway stations and many more was presented by the railway minister on Thursday at Lok Shaba.

-Department will be partnering for developing suburban network in Chennai with Tamil Nadu and with Karnataka government for suburban rails.

The cleaning of toilets by requests through SMS and railway fare remains same are the notable announcements from the railway department this year.

Railway Budget 2016 New Rules and Plans

Railway Budget 2016 New Rules and Plans

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