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Resumed Russian Air Strike In Northern Syria

New Air Strike In the Outskirt of Idlib

Russian jets had reportedly performed airstrike on the residential areas of Idlib of Syria. After a mass killing in the Eastern Gauta and Damascus, the Russian Jets seems to target the outskirt of Idlib.

According to the source, the Airstrike has been staged on Tuesday reportedly targeting the papular market town known as Arihah. The source claiming three as dead in the Arihah region alone in Tuesday's attack and the attack has injured many while comparing the recent attack of the week. 

The Idlib is in Northern Syria that currently providing the shelter and food for the refugees of the Eastern Ghouta, Douma, Aleppo regions that are subjected to a mass air raid in the month of March. The White Helmets are involving in the evacuation and rescue mission in the Airstrike regions of Idlib.

It is also reported that more than 40,000 refugees who fled the Eastern Ghouta region last month have started to head back to the city on Tuesday. The reconstruction works were also been boosted up in that regions.

While another source confirmed that the US military has decided to pour in Northern Syria with more troops to fight the ISIS organisation of Syria where President Trump said last week that the time has arrived for the US troops to return back home from Syria and the US plans to head a meet with Russia, Turkey and Iran by this week to discuss about maintaining order in Syria.

In the very beginning of the March, the Syrian and Russian jets combined together for an air raid in the region of Eastern Ghouta, Douma and Damascus as counter-terrorism mission but ended up in killing nearly 800 of its Syrian Civilians. The international watchdog OPEC has landed in Syrian for investigating the use of Chemical Weapons in the recent Airstrike.  

Resumed Russian Air Strike In Northern Syria

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