SC Modifies Sept 15 Order Reducing Water To Tamil Nadu

       Published : Sep 12, 2016 12:53 IST    

SC Modifies Sept 15 Order Reducing Water To Tamil Nadu

Karnataka had filed petition against the Supreme Court order for seeking change of releasing 15 thousand cusecs of water to Tamil Nadu for 10 days. In the plea, Karnataka government stated to reduce the quantity to 10 thousand cusecs for 6 days.

There is heavy protest in the state among people against the order of Supreme Court. They are rejecting to give water for their neighboring state. On Saturday Karnataka seeks the urgent hearing on Monday due to the high pressure from the Karnataka farmers.

In that plea, it stated already 66 thousand cusecs of water was released between Sept 5 and 10. As per the latest information SC modified its Sept 5th order. It said Karnataka to release 12000 cusecs per day for Tamil Nadu till 20th Sept.

Earlier, SC expressed its displeasure for not obeying the court's order on this Cauvery issue of releasing enough water. The special hearing session held on Monday under Justice Dipak Misra. He said state to obey the SC order unless it is modified.

On being holiday, special bench was formed to hear this Cauvery issue petition form Karnataka state and modified the order.

Tamils in Karnataka were attacked, Tamil Nadu transport buses were halted and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s posters were burnt by the people of Karnataka.

This dispute is being there for several years and still it can't be solved by the center of state governments. Cauvery is the common for all people and no one can claim that it belongs to them. The Danube River flows on more than 10 countries and no one claimed it belongs to one country. Likewise world’s largest rivers like Nile (Africa), Amazon (South America) and Yangtze (China) flows approximately 4160, 4000, 3900 miles respectively.

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SC Modifies Sept 15 Order Reducing Water To Tamil Nadu

SC Modifies Sept 15 Order Reducing Water To Tamil Nadu

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