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SC rejects to ban the Diwali firecrackers

Supreme Court rejected to ban the Diwali firecrackers and says it could take to dangerous situation if the rights of common man is stopped to enjoy their religious festivals.

Senior advocate Abhishek Singhvi with 3 toddlers petitioned to the Supreme Court. Three children file a plea on this and they argued to restrict the time of bursting to around 3 hours and requested a designated place to burst the crackers.

In the petition they mentioned the huge population was formed during the Diwali season and many were affected by this pollution. Air and noise pollution may harm the patients and aged people in and around the places. Many were getting breathing troubles, Asthma patients suffer a lot and children get harmed from the fire crackers during the Diwali period.

Crackers Manufacture Association filed their petition saying nearly Rs. 1000 crores turnover from this industry, 3 lakh people gets direct employment and about 10 lakh people gets indirect job from this works. It also pointed out if there is a restriction or ban in the firecrackers would adversely affect the people livelihood involved in this fireworks industry.

Chief Justice said if we ban the firecrackers, people say it is their right and leads to dangerous situation. He also added we can’t say them to go to Nehru stadium to burn the crackers.

The Centre also supported that bursting of crackers during Diwali alone is not cause for the air pollution.

There is also no change in the time of bursting the crackers. The court reminded the 2005 order and said government should take strict action on people who does not follow it. In 2005, court ordered people should not burst the crackers after 10pm to 6am. The court said Centre to run advertisement on Medias to create awareness about the harm of firecrackers and safety measures till Nov 12.

SC rejects to ban the Diwali firecrackers

SC rejects to ban the Diwali firecrackers

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