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SC Says Jallikattu is Illegal Final Hearing on August

SC Says Jallikattu is Illegal Final Hearing on August

SC Says Jallikattu is Illegal Final Hearing on August

The 5000 years old Jallikattu can't be justified as saying traditional sport Supreme Court said yesterday. The child marriage is also tradition but it is banned now says SC. Jallikattu can't be said as legal or permissible under law. The bench of justices Dipak Misra and RF Nariman asked 'the child marriages under age twelve are being followed for centuries. Is that legal'

The final hearing was fixed at August 23 by the court. On January 8, the center had issued notice to lift the ban on Jallikattu with certain restrictions. This was opposed by Animal Welfare Board of India and PETA India, Bangalore based NGOs and others.

Tamilnadu government said there are plenty of safeguards to ensure animals are not being harmed and these activists have no rights to challenge the tradition. It also pointed out unlike Spanish bull fight killing the animals is not the aim of Jallikattu. Tamilnadu asked why Jallikattu was illegal when other countries officially accepted bull fighting as part of their culture.

Jallikattu means bull taming it is also called as Eruthazhuvuthal in Tamil which is played as part of Pongal festival.

The Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEF) on January 7 2016 issued notification of lifting ban on Jallikattu and Bullock-cart races.

MoEF pointed out the epic Mahabharatha were Lord Krishna controls wild bulls and in other scene he also controls seven bulls to marry Princess Naganajiti, daughter of King Nagnajit of the Kosala kingdom. It said India is friendly and graceful to animals unlike other countries like Spain, Greeks and Roman. It said the ban had affected millions of livelihood in southern Parts of India.

'If Jallikattu is banned, it is the starting point of disappearance of India's native breed. Already we have lost several native breeds of India. Our importance source of natural farming comes from native breed. We will lose our identity finally,' says Tamil Nadu people. Millions of cows and bulls from India are sent for slaughters during British era and still now it is continuing.

Now people exports cow meat to various foreign nationals. Daily millions of cows and bulls were killed without mercy. Why PETA did not take it as serious concern and fight for it Why they can't stop slaughtering lots and lots of cows for the meat and money. Why they are struggling to stop this bull taming sport

Protest to lift ban against Jallikattu is raising in Tamil Nadu. An engineer at Thiruchengodu, Namakkal district went to hill top to give his life for Jallikattu. He threatened to lift the ban on Jallikattu from the top of Thiruchengodu hill.

Popular musician Hip hop Tamizha recent short film pulled massive crowd supporting Jallikattu that created awareness about Jallikattu.

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SC Says Jallikattu is Illegal Final Hearing on August

SC Says Jallikattu is Illegal Final Hearing on August