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Sirumalai farmers miracles in Organic farming and show the way

Sirumalai farmers miracles in Organic farming and show the way

More than 100 farmers in the village Meenakshipuram near Sirumalai of Madurai district are cultivating their crops in organic methods.

They are cultivating the pepper, chow-chow, coffee and lemon tree in their land by using organic fertilizers like cow dung and vermi compost. Their farming is fully free from pesticides, insecticides and chemical fertilizers.

They setup their own unit of vermi compost and drying cow dung. This could reduce the cost of farming. They stop buying the products from outside which reduce their cost of farming in large extent.

They got the loan of about 25 lakh for the organic farming from National Bank of Agriculture and Rural Farming.

Sirumalai farmers do many miracles in farming and show the way to the other farmers.

On February on this year Sirumalai farmers claimed petition to district administration to stop the coffee planting in large scale that steals the pond water heavily. The people involved in coffee plantation is tapping huge amount of water for their process and water decreasing rapidly even after the heavy rain.

Last year, they overcome the shortage of water by digging their own pond in their farm land. That has given them enough water in the summer to save the crops. Farmer says the ground water level is increased due to the tiny ponds in their farms.

Sirumalai farmers say that they were still struggling to market. The agents are getting products in low price and selling it much higher. They say their products are fully organic with no chemicals and the quality is superior.

Even though the profit is less they get the steady income in this organic farming. They have planned to sell their products directly to the customers under the brand of 'Sirumalai'.

One of the farmer in Sirumalai who is cultivating grapes in organic way says that his aim is to yield 18 tons of grapes in one harvest that is happening in Gujarat. He had achieved 5 tons of grapes in one harvest in about 3 acres. He his also cultivating other crops in his land fully based on organic method.

Even though many said there will be heavy insects and worm attack in grape farming and farmers prefer to chemical farming, he does not believe in this. He had more confident in our traditional farming, he followed and achieved.

They show the way to other farmers in the country to get high yield and profit from organic farming and to develop healthy Nation.

Sirumalai farmers miracles in Organic farming and show the way

Sirumalai farmers miracles in Organic farming and show the way

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