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Sivakasi Fire Accident At Least 8 Killed 15 injured

Sivakasi Fire Accident At Least 8 Killed 15 injured

The fire broke at the go down in the cracker town Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu today. It has been reported 8 killed and more than 15 persons are injured in this fire accident. It is scared, that the death toll might rise and many have been severely injured. The fire service workers were rushed to the spot and trying to control the fire.

Several people have been rescued from the spot. The fire has been speedily spearing across the near by area. It is very dangerous as there are lot of fireworks manufacturing units are located closer. The 3 fire tenders group with more than 20 fire service workers are deployed in the spot. It is very hard for the troop to get closer to the go down as there is heavy fire burst are occurring. The employees and labours are being rescued by the team.

Hardly 10 days more for the Diwali festival in the country. The fire crackers are stocked to be distributed to several places. As per the report, the go down belongs to the private person.

The injured people are admitted to the hospital. Reportedly, it is said at least 8 were dead in the accident. In this Diwali season there are more than 10 fire accidents are reported until now.

Such things happens every year before Diwali that brings darkness to several families in the state. Precautions should be taken to avoid such accidents.

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Sivakasi Fire Accident At Least 8 Killed 15 injured

Sivakasi Fire Accident At Least 8 Killed 15 injured

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