Six Men Sexually Harassed A 16 Years Old Girl In Tanjore

       Published : Apr 03, 2018 18:44 IST    

Six miscreants sexually harassed an 11th standard school girl in Tanjur district had created unprecedented shock and agitation among the residents of Thanjavur.

On Tuesday a 16 years old girl of Tanjore district has been subjected to sexual harassment by six grown men near Vallam region of Tanjore. The girl who was chatting with her friend near a minimum people affluent area has been abducted by a passerby who known as Ravichandhran has induced her in sexual abuse and later invited his friend Illavarasan and his brother to accompany him. Another three persons accompanied Ravichandhran and his friends who reached the spot of crime by hearing the screaming of the girl, instead of helping her.   

Later the girl has been rescued by the residents of that area who arrived in when hearing the howling of the girl. The police unit of Vallam region reached the spot after acknowledged by the residential people and produced the girl under women police unit and admitted to the nearby hospital for further treatment. Police have detained those six persons and charged with IPC section 354 and IPC section 375.

This disgusting act in Tanjore had reminded the worst memories of  Nirbhaya, a medical student of  New Delhi who has been raped and sexually harassed by a group of men including a minor in a moving bus in the year of 2013. The whole nation mourned for her death and the Central Government has assured that the acts would be amended to provide severe punishments for the accused in brutal rapes. Following this, bot only Central Government but also some State Governments had taken appropriate measures and introduced new schemes like She-Box website, women safety apps etc.. to ensure women safety in India.

After the gore incident of Villupuram Aarayi family assault, this incident in Tanjore had created a severe shock wave again in Tamil Nadu.

Six Men Sexually Harassed A 16 Years Old Girl In Tanjore

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