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Social Media Details To Be submitted To Get Visa For USA

Just provide your social media details that you are hiding from your girlfriend to get into the US.

The Federal register department had reported that the Visa Applicants who interested in entering the US just need to submit their Previously used Phone Numbers, Social Media Details and Gmail account details to get verified into the United States.

It is reported that the state department would collect the social media details of an applicant for identity resolution and vetting purpose that the Trump Administration is very keen on watching. It also stated that the applicant must provide the details of every phone numbers and the email IDs that they used in last five years. 

According to the states department notice the precedence measures were taken to prevent the entry of a person who might pose a threat to the country. Also said that this will help the federal department to filter out the persons who travelled to the places that are under the control of the terrorists and the applicants' deportation details.

It is also informed that around 710,000 migration applicants and 14 million non-migrant applicants will be requested to submit their social media and phone number details regarding the protocols.

The Federal register department has also said that the multiple H1-B visas will be rejected by the management.

The US citizenship and the Immigration Service has tightened the filtering process of the application while the H1-B visa filing starts at the beginning of April for the year 2019.

The state Department also mentioned that submitting of Visa applications with multiple cap-subject will also be rejected.

Social Media Details To Be submitted To Get Visa For USA

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