Sonali Beaten to Death in Classroom in Tamil Nadu

       Published : Aug 31, 2016 13:33 IST    

Sonali Beaten to Death in Classroom in Tamil Nadu

Next to Swathi murder, its Sonali who was allegedly beaten by former student in the classroom of private college in Tamil Nadu. A 20-year-old engineering student was beaten using wooden log inside the classroom on Tuesday. Udhayakumar who is college dropout attacked third year student Sonali at private Engineering College in Karur district.

When he approached Sonali she refused to talk with him. Argument continued, while she was trying to walk away from him she was allegedly attacked. Her classmates witnessed this with horror. She had fallen down with heavily bleeding. She was rushed to the hospital and doctors tried to save her with vain. She was first taken to Karur hospital where she was given first aid and moved to Madurai. She had died in hospital.

Sonali died due to heavy loss of blood and there was a blow on her head. Udhaykumar was arrested by the police officers. It is said the killer was drunken. Police said Udhayakumar and Sonali have been friendly with each other. Sonali avoided his friendship after he was suspended from college few days ago. Sonali lives in Madurai while Udhayakumar belongs to Paramakudi in Trichy district.

This incident once again raised the question of women’s safety in the state. Two months before Swathi has been murders at Railway station at Chennai.

Sonali Beaten to Death in Classroom in Tamil Nadu

Sonali Beaten to Death in Classroom in Tamil Nadu

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