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Sundar Pichai in Google India Event Today

Sundar Pichai in Google India Event Today

Sundar Pichai, Google CEO visits India for first time after he had been crowned in the highest position of Google on last August. He had the open chat and conversation with students of Sri Ram College of Commerce (Delhi University).

He had delivered important speech at Google India Event in New Delhi. Sundar Pichai who extends his support to PM's Digital India Campaign also announced about the WiFi connections in 100 railway station across India and hiring more engineers at Hyderabad. Google CEO along with his executives talked about Google plan for India.

The event started around 11:00 am this morning. Google India head Rajan Anandan delivered the speech in the event saying it was one of the biggest event of Google. He shared some information 'over 150 million people uses internet via smart phones'. Next Sundar Pichai took on the stage and delivered his talk.

Their focus is on making easy assess-able of the internet through Google. In India, people to use internet in their own languages is Google's main intense. Sundar Pichai explained about his Android keyboard that was made lighter for the page load and over 11 languages were supported and 72 languages across the world.

Mumbai railway is to get first WiFi connection among 100 railway stations. Google is to invest more in India and plan their expansion. They also focus on training about 2 million developers in India by partnering with National Skill Development Council.

He adds women to the internet is very less, it is a global problem. He states women is less than one-third of internet usage and important thing is to make women online. 'Most people in rural areas don't think internet is relevant to them,' says Sundar Pichai. Internaet to all is their key programme in connecting internet in the rural areas. Google's rural development projects aims at to connect 3 lakhs people in villages.

'You do need entrepreneurs to build things for India and globally. All the elements which you need are already here,' says Sundar Pichai. He also added Entrepreneurs are vast in India and they are has no difference from Silicon Valley.

Sundar Pichai answered all questions raised by the students of SRCC, Delhi University today. Personal journey of him, his career, about Google in India and common questions were asked by them.

He have given some motivational answers to the students. Some among that are below.

'When you are at top you constantly think about your next move and how to make it better'

'You'll have many opportunities to reinvent yourself. It's worthwhile taking risks,' Sundar Pichai answered.

Some questions were asked about his personal interest and cricket which he answered it generously. He said he will be Software developer to the question what you have been it not Google CEO.

Sundar Pichai in Google India Event Today

Sundar Pichai in Google India Event Today