Supports Increasing For Farmers Protests At Jantar Mantar

       Published : Mar 31, 2017 16:48 IST    

Supports Increasing For Farmers Protests At Jantar Mantar

Supports for Tamil Nadu farmers are increasing day by day slowly. For past 17 days the farmers are steadily agitating at Jantar Mantar seeking for loan waiver, drought relief fund and demand to fulfill various other important issues.

Today Congress leader Rahul Gandhi visited farmers and extended his support. He said 'If PM can provide debt relief to the richest ppl in the country, why not to the farmers who have built this country' He interacted with protesters and their leader Ayyakkannu. He took notes of their demands and assured that he will fight for them in parliament.

Khushbu Sundar, an actress and National Spokesperson of the Congress asked '#H.Raja U dnt hve the means 2 save r farmers but u go 2 the extremes by mocking dem..dey dnt go 2 #Soniaji bcz dey wr luked aftr well by her'

Farmers are protesting for long time and there is no response from Prime Minister to accept their demand. Farmers are strong in their protest and say they will continue it until their last breathe.

Tamils in Delhi are extending all possible support for farmers protesting. They are providing food and basic facilities. Several groups of farmers are protesting in various parts of Tamil Nadu. Students and youngsters protest are being stopped by police immediately. They have arrested youngsters in several places including Marina, Trichy, Coimbatore and Madurai.

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Supports Increasing For Farmers Protests At Jantar Mantar


Supports Increasing For Farmers Protests At Jantar Mantar

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