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Supreme Court Issues Notice to Attorney-in-law for Fake Sex Case

exual harassment allegations against CJI Ranjan Gogoi

exual harassment allegations against CJI Ranjan Gogoi

The Supreme Court today issued a notice to the attorney who said the Rs 1,50 crore bargain was being negotiated to pursue a fake sex case against the Chief Justice. A former female employee who worked in the Supreme Court last year filed a complaint in the case last October, alleging sexual abuse violations against Justice Ranjan Gogoi. The woman sent 22 jurisprudence to the Supreme Court. It is noteworthy that last October, Gogoi became Chief Justice.

Subsequently, the Supreme Court bench of Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi, Justice Arun Mishra and Sanjeev Khanna, However, the judges did not issue a directive, but the media reported that they had to report responsibly.The woman involved in the abusive complaint was sacked. The trial is going on in the Delhi court.Meanwhile, Supreme Court lawyer, Uttsav Singh Bains, filed a lawsuit in the Supreme Court yesterday. It was shocked when the Chief Justice was accused of sexual abuse.

There is conspiracy to sack Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi. "A person named Ajay recently approached me and asked me to register a sexual complaint against the Chief Justice and arrange a meeting with journalists. For that I had a Rs. 1.50 crore bargain. But I refused.There is a big conspiracy to remove the Chief Justice from office. The court should order a court hearing on the grounds of the court's independence.The man who has taken me closer to the corporates is the one who has the ability to pay judgments from judges."

In a major case, he failed to get a judgment from the chief judge for his favor,The case has also failed to change to another. The strong corporate man has said that he has falsely implicated in the Supreme Court and has put pressure on him to step down from office.

The judges of this session are Arun Mishra, Nariman and Deepak Gupta came to the hearing today. Senior advocate Indira Jai ​​Singh, Rajiv Dhawan and Attorney General KK Venugopal were present. Then, Judge Mishra and Nariman ordered "Where is Utsav Singh Bains, call him"? But at that time there was no enthusiasm in the court.The lawyer will have to appear in front of us at 10.30 am tomorrow (24th April). The judges ordered to send notice.

Supreme Court Issues Notice to Attorney-in-law for Fake Sex Case