Swathi case Accused tried to hack himself

       Published : Jul 02, 2016 10:14 IST    

Swathi case Accused tried to hack himself

Late night on Friday when police neared to arrest the suspected accused he tried to kill himself. Police saved his life with injuries and now treated at the hospital. The police officer said the killer named Ramkumar is 22 year old engineering graduate belongs to Thirunelveli.

As per the report, when police neared Ramkumar's house his grandfather tried to abscond him by close the door and shouted. He was feared and slit his throat with a sharp object. Police surrounded him and taken him to the hospital. The injuries are not serious and he will be shifted to the normal award soon.

He had stayed at Manson in Choolaimedu area at Chennai where Swathi resident is nearby. The security in that Manson when saw Ramkumar photo, called up the police and given all his details about him.

The police surrounded his house from Friday morning and waited for the proper situation to arrest him.

It is the one of the largest manhunt in the history of Tamil Nadu police. Nearly 100 policemen are involved in this killer haunting. After finding the CCTV footage, developing it to clear image, questioning several people finally killer had been arrested. There were nearly 8 teams appointed that carried out the operation in various areas. Even door-to-door checking and inquires are handled by the police.

The room he stayed at Manson has been sealed by the police. For 24 hours Doctors prefer Ramkumar at rest and not allowed police to talk with him.

Swathi case Accused tried to hack himself

Swathi case Accused tried to hack himself

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