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Tamil Nadu Bandh Tomorrow to Condemn Cauvery Violence

Tamil Nadu Bandh Tomorrow to Condemn Cauvery Violence

The protest in Karnataka began when Supreme Court ordered Karnataka to release 15000 cusecs of water to its neighbour on Sept 5. Karnataka filed petition again on Saturday stating to reduce the quantity. There was the emergency hearing on Monday Sept 12 by SC on this petition and modified its earlier order.

Violence fired after the Supreme Court reordered on Monday to release 12000 cusecs of water for Tamil Nadu more than quoted by Karnataka. Two men were killed in the police firing on Tuesday in Rajgopalnagar. More than 40 Tamil Nadu registered buses were set on fire on Tuesday night.

Due to this high violence more police were deployed in the place. The state government also seeks military assistance for this uncontrollable situation. Over 350 people were arrested for this extreme violence.

Due to break out of violence, all the transport system, IT hubs and domestic airlines were closed. Tamil speaking people were set inside their houses. Many schools were shut for two days in the city. Train services were stopped for a day.

Pro-Karnataka activists' leader Vatal Nagaraj had called for rail bandh to draw center's attention on this issue. Strong security was placed in all areas especially in railway stations. Karnataka police have geared up for rail roko on Thursday. Extra forces were deployed in railway stations, Mysuru, Mandya and in many places in the city.

Meantime in Tamilnadu, various trade organizations and farmer associations have called up for state bandh tomorrow. There will be shut down across the state to condemn the violence against Tamils in Karnataka and also to seek permanent solution on the Cauvery dispute. The opposition parties have extended their support to the bandh on Friday from 6:00am to 6:00pm.

Petrol pumps and several shops will be closed tomorrow while Lorries, autos and trucks remain off road during the bandh. According to the Federation of Tamil Nadu Traders Association 22 lakh shops will remain closed.

Tamil Nadu Bandh Tomorrow to Condemn Cauvery Violence

Tamil Nadu Bandh Tomorrow to Condemn Cauvery Violence

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