Tamil Nadu CM Housing Schemes and Solar Power in large Buildings

       Published : Sep 16, 2015 09:31 IST    

Chief Minister Jayalalitha announced on Tuesday about the housing projects in Tamilnadu in that she added solar power is mandatory in the apartments and Multi-Storey buildings.

CM in the assembly yesterday announced the housing schemes under Rule 110, without affecting the environment electricity supply should be stable in the society and to enlarge the solar power projects every multi-storey buildings will be implemented solar power unit to derive solar energy needed for that building.

Due to the high consumption of electricity by individuals in the urban areas by their life style and rapid growth it is necessary to change over to solar power energy. Considering it every multi-storey buildings and apartments solar power is mandatory and the government will take steps for necessary amendments in the rule regarding this.

This change will not suit for the buildings less than 4 floors. The building or multi-storey that is above 17 metre high from ground level will have this change.

CM announced about the housing scheme projects will be constructed for Low and Medium income group people across the state. This project will be implemented through Tamilnadu Housing Board and Tamilnadu Slum Clearance Board in a budget allocation of Rs. 1,747.46 crores.

CM declared 500 multi-storey apartments will be built in the Padikuppam and Villivakkam areas. 2800 residential units will be constructed for LIG and MIG people across the state. 2300 residential quarters in Ambattur will be constructed. For every project budget is also allocated.

She also allocated fund of Rs.10 crores for repairing and maintenance of the 1.5 lakh units built by TNSCB in the past.

This housing schemes will be given to the families with weaker economic implemented by TNSCB and TNHB with central Government scheme 'Housing for All'.

Tamil Nadu CM Housing Schemes and Solar Power in large Buildings

Tamil Nadu CM Housing Schemes and Solar Power in large Buildings

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