Tamil Nadu People Demolishes TASMAC

       Published : May 11, 2017 15:28 IST    

Tamil Nadu People Demolishes TASMAC

Several protests are being carried out in various places of Tamil Nadu against the opening of new tasmac or relocating the existing one in residential place.

Following it, Madras High Court ordered the state government not to open the liquor shop when village panchayat (grama sabha) does not agree on it. It also demanded government to review its policy on relocating the liquor shops.

Tamil Nadu government today announced the Tasmac will not be opened in the place if people are against it.

The people are demanding to ban the liquor shop totally from the state. Many poor and daily wages people are addicted to the alcohol and losses their money and life towards it.

Today at several places women protesters demolished the newly built liquor shops in their area. Near Cuddalore and in Kanchipuram districts people gathered and destroyed the new buildings constructed for tasmac.

Meanwhile the High Court had ordered to close the tasmac in Narikudi in Virudhunagar district.

Hundreds of women from 16 Puthur village lodged plea to collector to closure of tasmac that is functioning in a main area. It was located between bus stopped where students and residents are troubled by alcoholics on their way to work.

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Tamil Nadu People Demolishes TASMAC

Tamil Nadu People Demolishes TASMAC

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