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Tamil Nadu to get New Major Port

Tamil Nadu to get New Major Port

Tamil Nadu to get New Major Port

India has 12 major ports and 200 non-major ports so far. Tamil Nadu is to get its new 4th major port apart from 3 others including Chennai port, V O Chidambaranar port at Tuticorin and Kamarajar Port at Ennore. Now the 4th major port will be set at Enayam near Colachel.  On Tuesday Government had given approval for the construction of new port in the place.

According to the experts, this port cannot achieve the targeted goals. They are concern about traffic of the port, very high investment, protection of port due from waves and currents. Construction of the port is estimated of about Rs. 27000 crores. This is a very high budget and that will not be precise for this they say.

Fishermen in the villages nearby are opposing the construction fearing their loss of their livelihood.  This major port will act as the major gateway for Indian Cargo which is now shipped outside the country say the officers. It will reduce the logistic cost of traders and exporters in South India.

Indian Shipping Ministry says it has plans to construct other eight major ports across the country including Maharashtra, West Bengal and Tamil Nadu.

The port will be constructed with protection of waves and currents by creating two break waters. India has the coastal area of about 7517 kms.

Tamil Nadu had 15 minor ports that includes Cuddalore, Nagapattinum,Rameswaram, Pamban, Colachel, Valinokkam, Kanyakumari, Ennore, Punnakayal, Thirukkadaiyur, PY-3, Kattupalli, Thiruchopuram, Manappad and Kudankulam.

Among these below are seven government ports and other are captive ports.

1. Cuddalore port

2. Nagappattinam port

3. Pamban port

4. Rameswaram port

5. Valinokkam port

6. Kanniyakumari port

7. Colachel port

Tamil Nadu to get New Major Port

Tamil Nadu to get New Major Port