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Tamilnadu assures Certified Veggies to Kerala

Tamilnadu assures Certified Veggies to Kerala

After the issue from Kerala, Tamilnadu government has under gone the necessary steps. It made random test in veggies. The officials went to many districts without notice and collected vegetables for testing.

Now the Tamilnadu government makes many alterations in Ootanchathiram market, Dindigul which is the 2nd largest market in Tamilnadu. Maximum amount vegetables are sent to Kerala from this market.

Farmers bringing vegetables with be noted. Name, address, phone number and quantity of vegetables rendered by them will be noted. If the vegetables contain more toxic substances the farmers will be advised to do the natural method and they will be helped.

Each and every farmers input will be tested and they will be certified. This certified farmers vegetables only will be sent to Kerala.

Kerala also demanded other states to provide certified vegetables.

Natural farming

Tamilnadu government and Tamilnadu Agricultural University has taken many steps to create awareness among the farmers about natural farming. But still they should increase the awareness and encourage them to do natural farming.

Most of the food which is in market today is full of poison hiding in it. This food that we take daily is a main cause for diabetes, blood pleasure, heart disease and it goes on. We have to be cautious in our food which is the main source of our life.

Most Farming is done based on the modern agricultural practices which uses Urea, chemical fertilizers and pesticides. But our traditional method does not follow the method which harms the people. It is always safe to the people and also safer to our soil which increases the yields gradually and vastly too.

Some farmers follow this traditional practices and gets huge benefits. Most of them were not aware of it.

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Tamilnadu assures Certified Veggies to Kerala

Tamilnadu assures Certified Veggies to Kerala