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Tamilnadu Government stops Methane gas extraction

Chief Minister Jayalalitha rejected permission for extracting coal bed Methane from Cauvery delta region in Tamilnadu.

The government had consulted with the expert team appointed for study pros and cons of extraction of coal bed Methane in Cauvery delta by Great Eastern Energy Corporation Ltd (GEECL). The government also requested Central Government not to give permission for such projects and also consult State government of such issues in future.

The order of rejecting permission for extraction of coal bed methane was dated on 8.10.2015.

GEECL got licensed earlier for this project by the central government on July 2010. DMK government issued petroleum exploration permission covering huge areas in 3 districts Thanjavur, Thiruvarur and Nagapattinam.

According to the project, the company plans to drill 50 crore bore wells on average of 300 metre deep in the ground and by hydraulic fracturing method extracts methane from coal bed. Union Ministry for Environment on that day also issued clearance to this project.

Many issues raised by the farmers and other environmental activists saying the disadvantages of this project. This project could damage the underground water level, food and environment damage. Taking food safety, other aspects into consideration and also after consulting the expert committee present Jayalalitha government canceled permission to the company.

The natural farmer, Dr. Nammalvar who sacrificed his entire life for the welfare of farmers and natural farming, in his last days fought against the methane extraction project. This project was strictly opposed by farmers, experts and environmentalist. The state was protected from the ecological imbalance which can be caused by this project.

Tamilnadu Government stops Methane gas extraction

Tamilnadu Government stops Methane gas extraction

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