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Tamilnadu High Court asks Speed Control System in Vehicles

Many accidents occur due to the high speed of the vehicles. The two main reason of major accidents are made by the drivers who ride the vehicle at over speed and other one is 'drunk and drive'.

The sources say, in one hour 16 people die across India. Two wheeler accidents take about 25% of total death. In 2013 nearly 1.5 lakh of people were killed in the road accident. Daily we lose at least 16 children in the road accident.

Road accident is one the leading causes for the people death like diabetes, heart failure, and other major diseases in India. If this not controlled accidents death rate may go beyond our limit.

In Tamilnadu, Chennai High court had passed the law 'everyone should wear helmet including ladies and children'. Now it has turned to the speed control system in every vehicle. It asks to the government whether there is any speed governors in the vehicles. It also insisted central and state government to take this into the account and analyze.

Due to the speed of the vehicle many accidents occurs and many lives were lost and many people become disabled. Taking 4 wheeler into account many private buses and cars are traveling in over speed in the bye pass road. This makes the passengers scare and tremble. In an sudden and uncontrollable situation these vehicles are making accidents. The report says that over speed is a major cause of accidents in the country.

Government has brought the rules to wear Helmet to reduce two wheeler death rate. Like this government can implement the speed control system in every two wheeler and four wheeler vehicles.

It should strictly prohibit and cease 'drunk and drive' vehicles. This will hugely reduce the road accidents.

If this is brought to the execution accidents will be reduced in great extent and the people will be safe on the road.

Tamilnadu High Court asks Speed Control System in Vehicles

Tamilnadu High Court asks Speed Control System in Vehicles

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