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Tamilnadu IAS officer Sagayam spent whole night at graveyard

At Madurai district, IAS officer Sagayam is gathering evidence against multi crores illegal mining scam in the granite quarries.

At the Melur granite quarry, Skeleton and bones were found after the complaint given by Sevakodiyan.

IAS officer U. Sagayam received a complaint about the human sacrifice done by the quarry officials between 1999 and 2003. The complaint was given by Sevakodiyan who filed complaint already many times to the district collector and SP with no response. Now he has given complaint to U Sagayam, IAS officer appointed by Madras High court as a head to this granite quarry case.

Sevakodiyan had been a driver for the PRP granite company in Keelavalavu village, Madurai. Mentally challenged persons from various villages were taken by the quarry lorry and sacrifice these people for running the successful business and in case of any new agreement in their quarry business. He took 11 male and one female to this company. He had been told false reason for taking these people to quarry. He said he was not aware of the human sacrifice until he witnessed the event.

Recently that area is made as a graveyard. Following this, on the head of IAS officer Sagayam, the process of finding the bones in Mallampatti village started on Saturday. Sagayam is in graveyard whole night and operation ended on Sunday. They found 5 bones and a skeleton and also found a skeleton of a child and clothes around it. They have sent these to forensic department to determine whether it is human sacrifice that belongs 12 years before or recently buried one.

Regarding this PRP granites lawyer Manokaran spoke to press that Human sacrifice is false complaint made by Sevakodiyan. This is a new technique followed by them against us and the company is ready to face this false complaint. They completely denied the allegations of human sacrifice.

Sagayam told to press as per high court order the evidence and statements about the illegal quarry will be submitted within few days. I have witnessed the process of recovering the debris of human. This report can only be given after the interrogation.  

Tamilnadu IAS officer Sagayam spent whole night at graveyard

Tamilnadu IAS officer Sagayam spent whole night at graveyard

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