The 20 Rs Doctor Selfless Service Remains Immortal

       Published : Nov 19, 2016 11:09 IST    

The 20 Rs Doctor Selfless Service Remains Immortal

Dr. V. Balasubramanian (68) of Coimbatore who served people by getting minimal charge of Rs.20 had passed away due to heart attract yesterday. He had been serving the poor to recovery their health for last few decades. He had initially got Rs. 2 for treatment and then due to several oppositions from doctors and hospitals he had done treatment for Rs. 20 for past few years.

Many times he had done treatment for free and he will be giving medicines for free for the poor patients. He is very sincere and dedicated to his service. He never took leave or stopped his service until his end.

People all over the city would come for the treatment. He had gained the love and affection of many people at the area. The people could not believe his death and cried before his small consultation clinic at Avarampalayam opposite to Ramakrishna Hospital.

As a daily routine after his morning walk doctor had died due to heart attack. Following this at evening hundreds of people gathered and mourned for his loss by lighting lamps before his clinic.

He hails from Bodinaakanur of Theni district. He had completed MBBS at Madurai Medical College in 1973 and joined ESIC. He began his service from Theni charging Rs.2 for consultation. After his retirement from Medical Officer of Employee's State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) he settled in Coimbatore with his wife.

He looked over the general ailments. He had recommended specialists when it required. Sometimes he referred Ayurveda and Siddha doctors as he believed some disease are better treated by those medicines.

In this present world where people go behind money, this selfless man's service remains immortal in hearts of hundreds of peoples though he disappears from the world

The 20 Rs Doctor Selfless Service Remains Immortal

The 20 Rs Doctor Selfless Service Remains Immortal

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