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Thoothukudi Is Performing A Marina Like Protest

Thoothukudi Is Performing A Marina Like Protest

Thoothukudi Is Performing A Marina Like Protest

After a long agony and small agitations, now Thoothukudi erupted with an expanded protest against the expansion of Sterlite copper factory that belongs to Vedanta group of industries.

The protesters are making their contribution against the Sterlite factory in a Gandhian way of opposition. As same like the Jallikattu protest that shaken the Indian Peninsula at the beginning of 2017, Thoothukudi is now witnessing the same rolled up sleeves of more than 20,000 of its youngsters, kids, men, women and olds at Kumarattiyapuram village of Thoothukudi. 

The people of Thoothukudi are now protesting against a multinational mining company that has its part in Thoothukudi. The main production of Vedanta is the production of copper as a primary production and cathode rods and cast copper rods as secondary products that are used in transformer industries.  Also have its hands in the production of Zinc ingots, Lead Ingots, mining of bauxite and zinc. But the people of Thoothukudi started to protest against the Vedanta when the Key person of the company Anil Agarwal proposed about the expansion of the copper plant to double the capacity of the plant in 2016.

The people of the district started to raise their voice against the plant and its expansion as the plant polluting the livelihood sources of the district. In 2013 the Supreme court had fined the Sterlite factory for polluting the air, the land and the water resources of its based site at Thoothukudi.

On February 14, 2018, around 250 people of Thoothukudi were arrested for protesting against the Sterlite factory against its expansion is to be noted. The people of Thoothukudi is still worrying that no actions have been taken by the government regarding the complaint letters of the people. They said instead of taking action over the factory the government keeps suppressing the protestors every time since the people started to shout against the copper plant.

The protestors said that the government has left them with no choice other than a mass protest.

For supporting the Thoothukudi protestors the residence of Anil Agarwal has been kept sieged in London by Tamilians of London with Tamil Written slogans against the expansion of Sterlite factory in Thoothukudi.

As same as Marina Protest this protest has no lead and no head the people gathered their hands by their own.    

Thoothukudi Is Performing A Marina Like Protest