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TN Capital Chennai after Cyclonic Rainfall 2015

TN Capital Chennai after Cyclonic Rainfall 2015

TN Capital Chennai after Cyclonic Rainfall 2015. One of the Metropolitan cities of India, Chennai had faced heavy damage due to cyclone rainfall last week. In the middle of November 2015 and December first week Chennai and its surrounding districts is badly affected by heavy rainfall. Low pressure on Bay of Bengal last week changed into cyclone and there was continuous heavy rainfall at Chennai, Cuddalore, Pondicherry and some parts of Andhra Pradesh. Among these Chennai and Cuddalore was badly affected by the heavy rainfall that did not receive for past 100 years. It has received a year full of rain in two weeks.

Lakhs of people were affected by the flood; they have lost their homes and belongings. At least 250 people were died due to this heavy rain in Tamilnadu. Prime Minister had announced Rs. 2 lakh each for the family who died in the floods from the Prime Minister National Relief Fund. He had announced this on Saturday and poster his message on his twitter page.

Floods in airport are drained and airport operations are opened at Chennai yesterday from 6am. Airport officials said the stranded flights will be operated and the terminal is not fully ready. It takes some time to get full fledged operation.

Many regular Trains were cancelled yesterday, but special trains were operated from Chennai Egmore to various parts of the state.

Indian Air Force and Army were involved in the rescue operations. They have rescued nearly 20000 people including university students who were stranded in the flood. Helicopters and air crafts are taken to provide the relief materials. 15 teams of National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) were deployed in the city with Army and Air force teams for the rescue and relief works.

Tamilnadu Government ruling party AIADMK informed to relief supporters that in-case of any mislead or if anyone using party name and capturing relief products, kindly call us immediately.  The complaints can be given at 044-28130787, 044-28132266, 044-28133510 and people can also lodge complaints at info@aiadmk.com and through the twitter page also.

The good thing of the Chennai flood is common people were greatly involved to help their neighbors and his fellow men affected by flood. They have provided shelter and food to the flood victims. The volunteers from various districts rushed to Chennai and Cuddalore districts and provide materials and food supply to those affected people. Social organizations and Volunteers took immediate steps for the flood relief without waiting for the government.

In the ground the people extended their hands and helped each other to recover themselves. Through the social media people who have internet, regularly twitted their help lines and important messages to the public.

On the other side, people were suffered without electricity, food, water, phone lines and other needed things for long hours.Many could not get those things even for days together. People also suffered for traveling. Trains were halted due to floods entered on the tracks. Traveling agencies have raised their fares. Even auto, cab and also some private air services have raised their fares thrice of its normal.


TN Capital Chennai after Cyclonic Rainfall 2015


TN Capital Chennai after Cyclonic Rainfall 2015