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TN Finance Minister Jayakumar Presents Budget Today

TN Finance Minister Jayakumar Presents Budget Today

Tamil Nadu Finance Minister Jayakumar presented his first budget and it is also the maiden budget of newly formed government under the head of E Palanisamy. The budget allocated as follows

Tamil Nadu budget has been estimated to increase t0 Rs. 99,590 crore for 2017-2018 from Rs. 87, 287 crore in 2016-2017

  1. Rs. 625 crore for providing drinking water across the state.
  2. State disaster fund – Rs. 2600 crore relief to farmers through direct benefit transfer

  3. Rs. 585 crore for Cyclone Wardah for 3 districts.
  4. Eradicating poverty in rural areas – Rs. 469 crores
  5. Eradicating poverty in urban areas – Rs. 272 crores
  6. Rural Transformation Project in 127 areas – Rs. 1000 crores from World Bank
  7. Allocating  Rs. 6,400 crore for Police Department
  8. Rs. 253 crores for fire and rescue service
  9. Rs. 984 crore for judicial administration
  10. Rs. 282 crore for prison
  11. Rs. 5000 crore allocated to provide toor dhal, masoor dhal and oil
  12. Rs. 567 crore for Environment and Forestry
  13. Rs. 860 crore fro fisheries
  14. Handloom sector has been allocated 1235 crore
  15. Free dhoti and saree scheme – Rs. 490 crore
  16. Rs. 532 for MSME sector
  17. Athikadavu-Avinasi link project – Rs. 250 crore
  18. 1000 crore for MGNREGA schemes
  19. 10,150 crore has been allocated for healthcare department including allowance for pregnant women, health insurance scheme and others
  20. 1400 crore have been allocated for Smart Cities Mission
  21. Rs. 758 crore for free laptop for school and college students
  22. Rs. 3680 crore has been allotted for Scheduled Castes welfare and Rs. 265 crore for Scheduled Tribe welfare.

Mr. Jayakumar is speeding up to complete the budget that continued for more than 2 hours. Temple food, Amma canteen, Amma water, Amma medical and all schemes under Amma name will be continued.

TN Finance Minister Jayakumar Presents Budget Today

TN Finance Minister Jayakumar Presents Budget Today

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