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Trade Unions Bharat Bandh against the BJP lead NDA government

One day nationwide bandh is observed by the ten central trade unions on 2nd September.

These 10 trade unions consist of 15 crores employees in private and public sector. These include Banking and Insurance companies, public transport. This bandh will have the impact on these sectors.

Labour Minister Bandaru Dattaterya told this won’t have much impact on the essential services and its effects will be minimal. He added the essential services like Banking, transport, power, gas and oil will be affected.

This is the first national bandh against the Narendra Modi's government. Bandh is made against Bills Amending Labour Laws, the Contract Act, the Electricity Act and Factory Act passed by NDA government.

Trade unions put forward 10 demands to the Central government and also it claims Central government is violating the labour laws.

On Wednesday, bandh makes trouble for the travelers as autos, buses and road ways will be off roads.

Many private schools, colleges, Educational institutes are declared holiday. Markets, Shops will be closed. Banks and insurance sectors and many transports are closed. Liquor shops will remain closed until evening. Buses may function after 6pm.

Bandh vastly affected the normal life in Kerala, West Bengal, Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

In Tamilnadu, normal life is not affected. Buses, autos, schools and colleges are functioning properly as usual.

In Andhra Pradesh and Telangana nearly 20,000 buses went off road. Public sector banks remain closed.

In Kerala many educational institutes, schools and colleges declared holiday. Buses stopped from 6.00am and this strike affects the normal life.

Karnataka announced it will observe bandh on Saturday 5th September. Karnataka transport workers joined the strike and buses will be off road from 6.00 am to 10.00pm.

In West Bengal, there is a violence clash that damages each other properties.

Nationwide strike was observed by the 10 trade unions after the failure of the demands in talking with the ministers and higher officials in the previous days.

Trade Unions Bharat Bandh against the BJP lead NDA government

Trade Unions Bharat Bandh against the BJP lead NDA government

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