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Tur Dhal prize hike: Government take steps to control

Tur Dhal prize hike: Government take steps to control

In recent months, the prize of Tur Dhal is hiking very rapidly. Consumption of Tur Dhal in India is high compared to all other Asian countries. Tur Dhal was imported from other nations though our country produces high amount of it and considers providing people with low costs through ration shops.

A year before Tur Dhal prizes about 80 to 100 rupees, but today it hiked up to Rs. 200 in the retail shops. Now due to Diwali and Saraswathi Pooja there is a high demand for Tur Dhal, so its cost also increases rapidly.

In order to control the prize of the Tur Dhal government had taken necessary steps. First they are importing the vast amount of dhals to meet the demand.

Central government already planned to import 5000 tons of grams and also plans another 2000 tons as import tender. Tamilnadu Chief Minister demanded 500 tons to Tamilnadu from that. These will come into sale in cooperative society as half kg and 1 kg packets in 56 outlets in Chennai alone and all other cooperative outlets throughout the state.

Central government plans to sale at Rs. 120 to Rs.130 at New Delhi. Also announced the traders or any companies holding over stock on these varieties will be punished. The government has owned the dhal varieties from the local farmers at market prize.

From November 1, in all Tamilnadu cooperative society holds the sale of Tur Dhal at the rate of Rs. 110 per kg says Tamilnadu CM. The sale will be brought through the 91 cooperative society outlets. Like last year government has taken steps to control the Tur dhal, Black gram and chilly and tamarind, this year too necessary measures is provided by the government. Tur gram, Black gram will be given in all ration shops in usual prize at Rs.30.

Due to less rainfall and no seasonal rain there is heavy decrease in the cultivation of Tur gram this year. This made the increase demand and to uncontrollable hike of prize says the source.

Farmers began to cultivate the dhal varieties and hope this would balance demand and supply tends to reduce the steep prize after December.

Tur Dhal prize hike: Government take steps to control

Tur Dhal prize hike: Government take steps to control