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Two Trains Derailed in Madhya Pradesh Killed 30 People

Two Trains Derailed in Madhya Pradesh Killed 30 People

On Tuesday 4th August, Kamayani Express from Mumbai to Varanasi Mumbai- Jabalpur Janata Express derailed near Kadawa railway station while crossing a Machak River at Harda district, Madhya Pradesh.

This blunder took place at 11.30 pm where the train tracks are washed away. Nearly 300 people were rescued. The official says 3 coaches and an engine collapsed in Janata Express and 6 coaches in Kamayani Express.

Nearly 30 people were died in the accident and more than 50 injured. The bodies were found away from the event took place. The death toll may rise because many bodies were washed away. The people were sleeping in the night when the event was happened.

The twin train was collapsed in a minutes when the train track is washed away and many coach went inside the River where people are submerged inside the water in a short time.

The residence people who are near the accident spot rushed to rescue people in the train. They rescue work was most appreciable and they may be awarded in the Independence Day.

The railway department announced the compensation of 2 lakhs to the family of death people and Rs. 50000 for severely wounded.

Railway accidents in India

According to National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) totally 27,581 deaths occurred in 2014 in rail accidents across the nation. It tells train accidients has been decreased 9% compared with 2013 train accidents.

The death toll is high in Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal. Madhya Pradesh stands 4th followed by Tamilnadu.

The people lose their valuable life in the train accidents due to the mechanical problems on the track and also due to lack of proper maintenance.

The railway crossing accidents is said to be increased when compared to 2013 by 83%.  It is stated more than 2500 death occurred and nearly 200 injured in railway crossing accidents.

This railway crossing accidents occurs due to the fault of the people crossing the railway track. Firstly, the people who is mindless and who crosses the railway track without waiting and noticing the trains. Secondly the railway crossing safety is poor in many areas.

Two Trains Derailed in Madhya Pradesh Killed 30 People

Two Trains Derailed in Madhya Pradesh Killed 30 People