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Unseasonable Rainfall Hikes the price of Onion in India

Unseasonable Rainfall Hikes the price of Onion in India

Due to poor monsoon the cultivation of crops delayed and in some area due to unseasoned rainfall the crops are damaged. This leaded to the price hike of onion in recent days.

Exports of onion were stopped at July end. Whole sale onion price grows to Rs. 57 at Lasalgoan in Maharashtra which is the largest onion market in India and Asia that setters the price too.

In Retail markets the price already gone up to Rs. 80 in some regions and it is said still it will be raised to 10% in upcoming days.

Government is taking measure to increase the import of the onions from Afghan. Already 6-7 truck of onions is imported from Afghan per day. This will be increased further to meet the demand. Due to the poor quality of onion from Afghan, the home makers do not buy the onions for the kitchen use. To the hotels and public celebrations and functions Afghan onions are sold.

Currently the situation was managed by the stock of the Rabi onions. The onion stock has come down from 28 lakh tones on July to 14 lakh tones.

State Government should take steps to stabilize the price of onion says the Union Consumer Affairs Ministry. Delhi government is selling the onions in highly subsidized price of about Rs.30/kg in almost 280 locations. This price may tend to rise in the forth coming days.

Due to the shortage of onion, export is stopped in July end. UAE who is the importer of onion from India began to buy from Pakistan and Egypt. Price of the onion increased to about Dh4.41 (Rs. 80) per kg in retail and Dh3.14 (Rs. 57) per kg in whole sale. It resulted in demand of onion from Pakistan and Egypt. UAE imports onion at 1.7/kg from Pakistan and Dh1.5/kg from Egypt in the whole sale market.

The Government Report says Production of onion is declined to 183.23 lakh tones in the (July-June) 2014-15 crop year from 194 lakh tones previous year.

Unseasonable Rainfall Hikes the price of Onion in India

Unseasonable Rainfall Hikes the price of Onion in India

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