Water Scarcity in Tamilnadu

       Published : Aug 18, 2015 06:31 IST    


Year by year the scarcity of water is increasing in Tamilnadu due to the fault of seasonal rainfall. This makes us to think about the future of Tamilnadu.

Natural origin of many rivers in Tamilnadu is from other states. We are depending on them for long years. Can anyone found the solution

Middle of Tamilnadu is depending of river Cauvery which origin is in Karnataka. Kerala creates continues issues about the Mullaperiyar dam which satisfies the major water requirement for South Districts. Chennai which is having vast population is depending on Krishna River of Andhra Government in no use. So we are stealing water from the farm area around Chennai in which ground water level is going down.

Water storage level in city reservoirs Poondi, Cholavaram, Chembarambakkam and Red Hills has gone down. It has only 25% or much lesser of water from the total holding capacity.

The situation will worsen in the coming years as the catchment areas of the all the city reservoirs have witnessed development and several acres of land have been converted into real estate plots, said S. Thirunavukarsu, general secretary, Neer Exnora.

Tamilnadu is the state which has major Agriculture and Industries which needs more water.

How to Overcome water Scarcity

Our government has brought the rainwater harvesting system to raise the ground water level, but many of us are not following properly. Then how can we face the scarcity of water, just think of it.

We get rainfall and water but not at the proper time and proper amount what we needed. This leads to scarcity.

During rainfall most of the water is going waste to the low level. They are not properly sent to the underground because of lack of trees, increase in buildings and poor rain water harvesting system.

Trees should be planted in every house in order to increase the water level. Trees will observes the water that it needs and remaining water is sent to the underground that increase the water level.

If we do so, our next generation will not suffer from this scarcity. If we do not care, in future our kids and our grand kids will suffer a lot.

Water Scarcity in Tamilnadu

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