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WHO Aims To Provide Health Care For 100 Crores People Within 2023

World Health Day is celebrated on April 7 every year worldwide. World Health Organisation was inaugurated on the same day in 1948. Currently, it has its existence in 61 countries. The theme for 2018 is "Universal health coverage" and its slogan is "Health for all". This year, apart from WHO, many voluntary organisations also would be conducting the functions of WHO. 

WHO stated that the objective of the health functions to be held on April 7 is not only to keep all the people in the world healthy but also to eradicate communicable diseases, poverty, hunger and educate the people about the sex ratio and improve employment so that people economically get benefitted.

Although many countries are well developed, more than half of the world population in developing and underdeveloped countries such as India, Pakistan, Africa, Burma, Myanmar, Nepal, Afghanistan, South America and some East Asian countries do not get adequate health facilities and those people were subjected to health issues frequently.

WHO suggests if there is co-operation among countries in improving the people's health, within 2023, more than 100 crores people could be provided with health care. In the 2018 action plan of WHO, it is stated that people in low health ranked countries should be educated about the necessity of health factors and guided accordingly by notifying the developed countries as an example.

In a recent interview with General Doctor in a Tamil Nadu Government Hospital in India on the World Health day, he said that the recent survey conducted in his area reveals the lack of health facilities in Government Hospitals. He explained with an example that a TB infected person who is poor will give importance only to work for his life rather than his health. So, the doctor suggested the Government in appointing nightshift doctors to attend the TB patients. He also added that many health care centres should be made and doctors should be available all time. Then only, WHO's theme and slogan could be implemented in action.


WHO Aims To Provide Health Care For 100 Crores People Within 2023

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