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Woman falls through Govt Bus hole survived

Woman falls through Govt Bus hole survived

On Monday (14.08.2015), a woman survived after falling through the hole in the moving Tamilnadu Transport bus in Kerala.

There was a large hole in the wooden floor of the Tamilnadu State Transport Corporation bus made woman inside the bus to collapse to the road at Punalur in Kerala.

A 30 year old woman who was standing in the rear entrance of the bus fell on the road when the wooden floor on the bus gets collapsed. She was severely wounded and luckily survived without getting into the bus tyres or any other vehicles besides.

This incident showed the poor conditions of TNSTC buses. However the Branch Manager of Tenkasi, junior engineer and supervisor is placed under suspension.

The CCTV has taken the video from the bus stop near shows the women falls down through the hole from the bus and survived in absence of any vehicle.

Video of woman falls in the hole of the bus and escaped miraculously

About this incident and the TNSTC the opposition parties have raised questions in the assembly on 18.09.2015. Opposition parties including DMK, congress walked out from assembly after speaker P Dhanapal refused permission to raise question in important issues.

Buses run after its life span in Tamilnadu

The report says, in Tamilnadu there are more than 10000 buses still run after their life span over. Among them nearly 4000 buses are in very pathetic condition, these buses are unfit for the travel. These buses should be immediately discharged from its activities or else there is a higher risk of accidents due to these buses says the popular media in its report.

Woman falls through Govt Bus hole survived

Woman falls through Govt Bus hole survived