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Yakub Memon Mercy Petition Rejected and Hanged on his Birthday

Yakub Memon Mercy Petition Rejected and Hanged on his Birthday

No mercy for Yakub Memon, judges rejects his petition

Yakub Memon who has been one of the master brains in the massive Mumbai attack in 1993 which killed 257 people and many injured.

Yakub Memon with his brother Tiger were besides the event, while Dawood Ibrahim was one of the main activists in the bomb blast. For other activists escaped to the neighboring countries while Yakub Memon was arrested in 1994. He was in jail for past 20 years.

He gave the mercy petition to the president Pranab Murkarjee. President rejected his petition on May 2014.

Supreme Court rejected his curative petition on 21st July 2015 and as per the previous judgment he will be hanged on 30th July 2015.

He is the first man to be punished for the first major the bomb blast.  Other activists should also be arrested and sentenced to death. This creates anxiety in everyone who involve in terrorism.

Yakub Memon Hanged on his Birthday

Yakub Memon has supported the Mumbai serial bombings financially nearly 300 people were death and more than 1500 people were injured on 1993. This serial bomb blast took place in 13 different areas in Mumbai.

The under-world Don Dawood Ibrahim and his subordinate Tiger Memon who is the brother of Yakub Memon was considered as a brain of the Mumbai bombings. But these people still not arrested. They were safe and freely roaming in the neighboring country.

Yakub Memon was arrested in Delhi on 1994 who later said he gave himself in the Nepal few days before. He was prisoner in the central Nagpur jail for the past 20 years and finally sentenced to death by hanging on 30th July 2015, the day he turns into 53.

After the many investigations and judicial proceedings Supreme Court gave this judgment on 21st March 2013.

He has given the mercy petition that he was suffering from mental illness which was rejected by the president Pranab Mukarjee and again gave the curative petition which was also rejected. He was struggling to save his life till his last day. His final mercy petition is also rejected and he was executed at 6.30 am on 30th July 2015.

Due to his final mercy petition given 3 bench judges again took the case on 29th July a day before his hanging but all the content was clear, there is no mistake in it and said no changes in the judgment, his mercy petition was also rejected.

The sources say that a day before he met his brother Suleiman and cousin in the jail where he wept.

On the early morning on 30th July Yakub Memon was given new dress to wear, and done medical checkup. He carried over to hang yard at 6.30 am he was hanged. After 30 minutes the doctor said he was death and his body will be handed over to the Yakub's family.

Yakub Memon Mercy Petition Rejected and Hanged on his Birthday

Yakub Memon Mercy Petition Rejected and Hanged on his Birthday